Website or Mobile App: Which is better for Your Business?

A most exciting innovation of our time has been the smartphone apart from the internet of course. This has changed the way we talk with each other. In a fast paced world, the shape of doing business has changed to digital. Whether you are a social networking giant or a niche content provider of things like job search or copyright free photos, etc, you must have witnessed this change.


Many startups and companies like social networking sites or e-commerce providers run a healthy business on their websites. But, can having a mobile application or app give your business an edge?  Here are some points to consider:

  • Save time and effort to create an app and connect your brand with the public.
  • Inform your customers or potential clients about product launches, promotions, competitions instead of spending more time and extra effort in writing emails. For example, you can inform about a music competition or direct them towards latest bollywood music online


  • Having an app allows its users to instantly give feedback on the online store from which they have downloaded it. It also makes customers satisfied when you respond them quickly over the app instead of waiting to write emails
  • It leaves a solid impression on the consumers when you are up to date with technology. Having a website may be good. But having an app on all mobile operating systems gives you an advantage over the competitors.

Having a website for your business is great, but having an app gives you a definite edge. It allows the customers to stay connected and updated with the latest news and updates even when they are traveling. It is also true that one medium cannot survive without the other. To believe that an application would be enough to handle business would not be correct.

Among the latest entrant in the field of mobile apps is as a complete provider of networking, communication, learning, and entertainment. Its mobile app is a unique blend of all the features found on the website.


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