Why Will Social Media No Longer Be the Same? See for Yourself

Likes, Dislikes, Share, Replies. Are you also a little bored by going through the same cycle of online communication every day? And do you often feel that you are getting less than what you deserve from the world of social networking?

Well, here’s the thing – you no longer need to feel down with online social sites as the whole process of social networking in India is witnessing a major change.  Based on the user searches and needs of the local users top Indian social networking portals are turning into a giver of maximum sources of entertainment.

Whether it is something like games online, or jobs and vacancies or a high-resolution image of free desktop wallpaper, the social networking sites are customizing their interface each day to provide all these and more.

evening copy 10march

The growth of social media has been quite organic and it has blended well into our daily lives. With the super fast internet in the form of 4G available, social media is heading to be integrated into a form of mass media which is used by a huge number of people.

This blazing internet speed has now also allowed people to take part in online competitions which were previously unthinkable. An example of it would be Sabakuch Symphony 2017, where any Indian national can participate without worrying of standing in the queues or sweating out under the sun.

This multipurpose form of social media also combines the following into one:

  • Personalized mail service
  • Chat messenger – eliminating the need for a separate application
  • E-learning – Online notes and Interactive Video lectures
  • Original Music – With the option of several languages and latest hindi songs free download


Explore many such services on Sabakuch.com, home to one of India’s fastest growing social networking portal. Also find an exclusive portal to stay connected with friends, family, and professionals by having just one account.


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