Online Safety and Social Networking Sites

India has come a long way in terms of providing access of internet to millions of people. Along with globalization in the market, the online world has also been globalized with our country being open to some of the best global and best Indian social networking sites.


The user awareness has also grown considerably as now more and more users are becoming cautious of online spam, virus-laden websites and identity theft through fake sites. Secondly, the young users are now more aware than ever about the copyright issues that come along with any content like text, audio, video, photograph or infographics.

The Indian user is now looking for Indian social networking sites that give them assurance of online safety and help put India on top of the world map.

So for instance now, besides just looking for images for wallpaper, they are looking for

  1. Stock free wallpapers (these can be used and/or modified for commercial purposes)
  2. Virus free photos which do not cause harm to their desktop computers
  3. High Definition resolution pictures which have a high dynamic color range

evening copy 10march.jpg

This trend of awareness can also be seen besides wallpaper downloads. Like for example, Bollywood music. Now many individuals are avoiding to download music from unknown sources and are looking for most secure options to legally listen to songs online. They are seeking sites like who not only provide

  1. Mp3 bollywood new songs and old songs covered by the music lovers themselves
  2. Royalty free music which again like images (also offered by Sabakuch) can be used legally
  3. Option to share easily with friends and family

Sites like Sabakuch are a unique breakthrough in Indian online fora and just what the Indian internet users need at a time when many online portals are full of tacky and virus filled content. People not only need a safe platform but also an easy method to find and share wallpapers, jobs, music, online games in an inbuilt eco-system of 3 in 1 social networking for friends, family and professionals.


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