Networking Online is a Necessary Evil

For those of us who tried to avoid getting accustomed to connectivity applications on our smart phones, there have been incidents where important messages and information we were supposed to know had been missed because of our lack of presence on the group online. To declare oneself devoid of technological captivity that is common today we might miss on more than we can afford to. It is very natural for people who use services online to share information through internet’s mediums. Hence, to avoid such accidents by default it is a necessary evil now days, to create a profile on such websites or have such mobile applications. For people who avoid it might also be treated as un-social or introverts. To make sure we don’t fall into such category we need to be a part of such platforms no matter how half heartedly.

15542218_1386561621386246_1299200309232797840_n is a social networking website which makes sure that we don’t fall into only the entertainment and networking connectivity functions, it offers e-learning tools like audio and video to provide information about different subject matters.


It has services like music section which comprises of bollywood new songs and international hits all. There is an image section which has free desktop wallpapers and wish images in hd quality.



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