Why Social Networking is Not All That Bad

When the joy of finding a long lost school friend online is realized, when we gaze at our screen with parents filling the screen on the video chat there are small joys which cannot be compared to anything beyond. Social networking is not all about meeting with people who use your information against you or spread rumors. It is more than that, a platform which offers services to help you connect with your loved ones, to look at them or find someone you like and reach out to them in the virtual world. There is more of it, for those students who had minimum possible guidance to develop their intellect internet acts as the perfect guide. It provides updated information and lets them connect to prominent academic figures.


Online music sites provide songs from around the world and propagate diverse art forms also. Additionally social networking sites in india are media’s mediums to spread information about nation’s recent developments and political fronts.


Sabakuch.com is a similar social networking website which provides news update and astrological predictions also. There is a separate music section and unlimited stock images for every occasion. The website is a platform for multiple services provided by internet on a single portal.



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