Draw the Negative Vibes Away

Reading about news online on various social networking sites, there is a cloud of negativity surrounding every tragedy, every disaster. With internet we are more informed, with better pictures but all this causes a lump in out throat and leaves us disappointed with workings of this world. Remember people share sadness to feel connected, when we are happy it’s very few times that we share with people around the world. There is a lot of positivity out in the world and we don’t need internet to make us feel happy. Similarly, read the news stay connected but never forget to keep your positivity intact, if people face problems our worries are the last thing that will keep their problems at bay.


Social channels have more to it then increase the amount of awareness about wrong. It is a medium to protest against anything which causes distrust in you and hampers the basic human rights. To fall victim to the darker side of the world will create a tough situation for us. Never lose hope in the face of challenges and sadness as our ancestors said.  Sabakuch.com is a website in india which provides social networking the right way so that you don’t have to mix your personal with social and professional. They offer users a lot of options like free high resolution images with positive quotes and messages and a music store online with a spiritual section for positive vibes.


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