Socializing Online Might Cause Harm To Free-Thinking

Beyond the boundaries of social networking and search engine is an entire world of information and applications that wait to be discovered by people so immersed in socializing online. If you thought that chatting and posting is the most essential use of internet, reflect on it for a second time. Top social networking websites in india drive and channel more human power and thoughts towards the trending, making them believe in a certain point of view and decrease the individual thinking to a level of presumptions so caused due to excessive use of a site for connecting around the world. Most of the social and political thoughts today are influenced by the extremist posts which drive the conscious thinking of the users. Next time you read a blog make sure you remember it’s the writer’s personal opinion and not a news article.

24 is a website from india which adheres to free thinking and instead of providing the trending news in a debatable light, keeps it confined to the concept of news. The site is innovatively designed with three sections for personal, professional and social needs. The site provides students from all over the country free e-learning facility, with audio and video classes on almost all subjects. The site has music section which offers the users bollywood music online and latest music songs from around the world.


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