Personal Networking Optimized At Sabakuch.Com

Social networking is the rising trend around the world which enhances connectivity that transcends borders and differences of birth. Our friend list is ever increasing and posts are trending, photos updated regularly and time lines highlighted. Breaching the level of personal life quite frequently, social networking makes for a poor replacement for real life moments and memories. There are a lot of privacy setting that the users need to update frequently to avoid unknown people to use their personal information against them.

8-11-2 is a social networking website which keeping In light the needs of its users has designed watertight sections to prevent people from using personal information. The user can make three different profiles on the website; on Ozone, my zone and Biz-zone. These three sections are the three different roles an individual plays in real life.


Social, personal and professional profiles are different that can be managed on the same portal and they can balance the three fronts depending on the requirement. The website also offers mp3 free music for music lovers with latest songs from all over the world. There is a separate image section which is emerging in the list of best stock photo sites in india. Visit the site for more information.

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