Social Networking and Film Stars

To follow our favorite movie star on networking websites, our favorite brands and their new range of products we take the help of top social networking sites in india. Almost all famous personalities have a page or profile on these websites and post about their recent activities and new release to keep their fans updated. It has also emerged as a new way to follow the stars; this also creates many a times, a situation where their private life is breached with interrogative articles and posts on their pictures. These personalities use online networking to develop and maintain their fan base. There is a constant conflict between the personal and public phases of their lives.


In troubling times like these, is designed to serve separate purposes on different platforms. The user gets to make three different profiles on this website where they can maintain information and post connect and chat on the basis of their need. Professional, personal and social requirements of the social networking can be met separately online.


The website also provides other services like free wallpaper images, music online and e-learning section. The website is highly useful for many purposes including long distance learning and entertainment online through games and songs from across the world.



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