Social Networking Is a Powerful Media Medium

Whenever a part of the world faces crisis from the terrorists attacking to earth quakes in a region, social networking has emerged as the new information bank. Search engines are mostly used to connect with people online, these websites display trending news and information from around the world.


All kinds of protest against injustice have found a great platform in the form of social networking. Best social networking sites in india provide updated news on political, economical and general terms. People have come together I large numbers against injustice through social networking; they sign petitions, post open letters, load videos of injustice and harm to people’s human rights.

8-11-2 is a social networking site in india which provides the users a trio-zone design to socialize. The three zones are divided on the basis of the three differing necessities socially; personal, social and professional. The user can separately connect and post in the three profiles and hence need not filter each post a single platform. The site also provides free music online and for download, there is an images section where you can download free images for wallpaper. The website is an amazing way to stay updated and connected online with people from around the country.


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