The Changing Phase of World: Chatting Rooms

Have you ever realized how the dynamics of talking and conversation have completely modified into chat stories and chatting? Among users who handle social networking accounts, it’s the most convenient way to stay connected.


Even so for big organizations taking interviews from candidates across country or continents is easier done then said via video and chats. Social networking sites India are no way behind in this trend. Chatting online in groups or individually is the easiest way to connect.


It requires no money no extra travelling time or such requirements, it’s easily done on a smart phone or tablet. Gone are the times when we used to wait for a particular person to come to town so that you could sit and have chat. Staying connected is easier with internet and requires minimal efforts and money.

8-11-5’s social networking portal also provides a chatting option which is easier to connect with close family and friends. The website deals with variant services including copyright free photos, music online, e-learning tools and more.


Sabakuch was designed with a motive to curb all the social networking needs and online services of an individual. The site is young but fast developing with a mailing section and games online too.



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